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Lewis & Clark Elementary School earns "Top Performer" recognition on state's most recent report card

December 2022
In the Idaho State Department of Education's recently released school report cards, Lewis and Clark Elementary School earned a recognition of "Top Performer", meaning the school ranked in the top 10th percentile or above on key performance indicators.  Lewis and Clark Elementary School was one of two schools in the Caldwell School District to receive this recognition.  
72.6% of LC's English Learner population was identified as part of the "Students Making Progress" category, placing this growth measure in the 90th percentile in the state of Idaho.  This outcome far exceeded the state average of 50.5%.  This growth measure was the key to the "Top Performer" recognition.
Besides identifying the significant growth of students learning English as a new language, the report card also reflected the overall growth of LC students.  Literacy rates as measured by the Idaho Reading Indicator (iStation) yielded a growth change of +13.6% from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022, exceeding the district average and falling just shy of the state average by 3.4%.  
Dr. Matthew McDaniel, principal of Lewis and Clark Elementary shared that "The teachers and academic support staff of Lewis and Clark Elementary School work tirelessly to encourage and develop literate students regardless of their prior knowledge or experience.  Each teacher values each learner as an individual and hones in on his or her strengths to ensure academic gains are prioritized."  McDaniel noted that "last year, our school saw 90% of its student population achieve at least one year's growth in one year's time in both English and math."  A continued focus on academic achievement is core to the dispositions of staff and students at Lewis and Clark.  "We are proud of the resilience-based teaching approach our staff employs to encourage all students to learn," added Dr. McDaniel.  
Congratulations to LC students and staff for being named "Top Performers" in the state of Idaho!