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The Lewis and Clark Scholarship Fund

In celebration of Lewis & Clark Elementary School’s first group of graduating seniors from the Caldwell School District, a $300 scholarship has been created to support one senior in their pursuit of higher education. The scholarship will be awarded based on the student’s ability to complete the application criteria and their desire for continuing education.

Application Requirements:

· Applicant must be a Lewis and Clark Elementary 5th grade graduate

· Applicant must complete a Letter of Application: An essay needs to be written to include the following:

o What are your education/future goals?

o How might this scholarship help/impact these goals?

· Applicant must have a 2.5 GPA (minimum) with an official transcript

· Applicant must provide an acceptance letter to academic institution, if available

· Applicant must provide one letter of recommendation from a Caldwell School District Teacher

· Applicant must complete 10 hours of community service at Lewis & Clark during the school year by the first weekend in May. Advising teacher, staff member or PTO board member will sign to verify hours on a Lewis & Clark volunteer form.

· All Application Materials/Documentation must be received by May 1st or the first school day in May.

Lewis & Clark Elementary

Sara Garcia or Sandy Wade

1102 E. Laster St.

Caldwell, ID 83607

(208) 455-3345

· Scholarship recipient will be expected to deliver the 5th grade graduation speech at Lewis & Clark’s graduation in May.

· An award letter will be presented to recipient by the end of the second week of school in May.

· Scholarship Funds will be sent to the college or university upon verification of applicant’s registration.